SteffyB’s resolutions for 2020: your roadmap for fitness, beauty and happiness.

Each new year is the start of a precious new chapter, a chance to look back proudly on our achievements and set new goals. Because happiness is built step by step.

Most of us prioritise working hard, striving for career goals, making money, improving relationships, and helping others. But we have to remember to look after ourselves, our wellbeing and equilibrium. 

Here are SteffyB’s resolutions for 2020: your roadmap for fitness, beauty and happiness.

Personal wellbeing and development

  1. Start the day with a smile and new energy. Wake up and connect to your gratitude for who you are and what you have. You are an amazing person, simply because no-one else is just like you. Every day is a chance for you to do better, learn more and get stronger. Experience is a precious gift you can’t buy. Everyone makes mistakes – including me, but do NOT let the past destroy your present: negativity can poison our energy if we let it. Dream and plan the future. Be gentle and kind to yourself.
  2. Take time for a few deep breaths and connect with your inner self.
  3. Try to learn something new and keep challenging your brain. Read books, sign up for a new course – if you always wanted to learn the tango for example, now it is the time!
  4. Technology moves fast. But try to keep up with it. Above all make sure you protect your data privacy, one of the big problems in today hyperconnected world.
  5. Stay focused on your goals and desires.  You can get there: determination and perseverance are the keys.
  6. Sleep at least 7 hours a night: nothing is better for recharging your body. Less sleep= more hunger + more weight, horrible eye bags, a tired face and dull skin, and increased stress levels.
  7. Set aside 1 hour a day just for you.
  8. If you feel in need of a boost, there is nothing wrong with considering rejuvenating cosmetic procedures. Just make sure you consult a trained professional and choose the right clinic.
  9. Stay curious and informed about the world around you.
  10. Save for a rainy day, you never know what the future brings.


  1. Exercise for 1 hour every day.
  2. Hire a personal trainer for a fitness audit.
  3. Opt for high-intensity interval training to challenge your body and boost your metabolism. Classes like Hiit and Grid Lean / Strong are highly recommended and can be found in virtually any gym. 
  4. Heartcore Life Image
    @heartcorelife: Dynamic Pilates | TRX | Yoga | Ride | Barre
  5. Practise Yoga & Pilates to improve your posture, flexibility, core strength and mind.
  6. Always warm up: stretch your body.
  7. Swim at least once a week. This is one of the best full-body training.
  8. Use the sauna regularly for muscle release and if you can add a weekly deep tissue massage.
  9. Power walk for at least 1 hour per day. Fast walking is the best anti-cellulite remedy.
  10. Focus on your posture; pay attention to sitting tall and avoid crossing your legs!
  11. Drink plenty of water before and after training. Flashing out toxins is another great way to combat cellulite.
Work work work


  1. Stay positive. Work hard, play hard.
  2. Stay focused to finish your tasks, put that phone away. The earlier you finish the more time you have for yourself
  3. Set your career goals: realistic, tangible and challenging.
  4. Learn new skills that lie outside your core responsibilities. They can be very useful in the future. 
  5. Find joy in what you do.
  6. Always be punctual; a whole mark of professionalism
  7. Be proactive. Put your ideas forward.
  8. Pick a role model and mentor(s).
  9. If you don’t understand a task, ask.
  10. Always double-check everything.
Photo of healthy fruit and nut salad


  1. Start the day with a full glass of water with aloe vera.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast: (porridge with seeds, nuts; fruit papaya is the best, but also pineapple and mango with some red and blueberries )
  3. Don’t have lunch later than 3 pm: include plenty of vegetables, legumes, 1 apple and alway 1 probiotic yoghurt to finish. Cappuccino is yes if you want!
  4. Have a light dinner before 9 pm: 1 portion of protein with plenty of vegs; I like to add some edamame and corn on the cob; finish off with a camomile tea and a small pear or apple.
    Healthy food images
    @farmacyuk. Plant-based organic food by nature serving seasonal, local produce free from additives & chemicals.
  5. Limit alcohol! I am not saying you should go completely teetotal but do seriously consider cutting back to one glass of wine per week. I love Chilean and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc but you can find some lovely reds or even a glass of real champagne is a great choice.
  6. No smoking. This is an absolute must: it gives you bad breath and stained teeth.
  7. Reduce meat consumption. I personally do not eat meat so I gently urge you to give up red meat – keep small amounts of white meat if you want. Meat puts our bodies under stress as it takes a lot of work to metabolise and digest.
  8. Go easy on fruit – it’s good for you, but in moderation. Too much fruit can irritate your intestine, so opt for enzymatic fruits such as papaya, kiwifruit, pineapple and figs.
  9. Avoid at all costs: fatty cheese, pasta/pizza, sweets (I mean no biscuits, cakes, chocolate etc.)
  10. Take quality supplements daily. I have a small dose of liquid collagen, aloe vera, 1 tablet of ginkgo balboa, Coenzyme Q-10, Triphala, resveratrol and turmeric. 


  1. Visit a new city this year. It’s fun and you can check out the local shopping and lifestyle.
  2. Greece is our favourite seaside destination – recommended! You’ll be spoilt for choice for a nice place and islands to check out. We love Mykonos and Cyprus – each very different but both beautiful.
  3. Learn about the culture of the places you visit. It is refreshing and a great way to broaden your horizons.
  4. While travelling, ask kindly for help – people will oblige more often than not.
  5. Never travel with too much jewellery – leave it at home!
    @Amanpuri is a timeless retreat on the west coast of Phuket and the birthplace of Aman.
  6. Plan in advance to get to the airport on time. I’ve missed my plane so many times I can guarantee it’s well worth leaving extra time to avoid this unpleasant experience!
  7. While travelling abroad use the Revolut card: no commission and the best exchange rates. Another good option is to bring local cash – often the best solution if you have to haggle
  8. Learn how to pack smart! You do not need a big suitcase with dozens of clothes you won’t wear. Check the weather, the places you will be visiting, and plan your outfits carefully.
  9. Medical insurance is a must, and always get the right vaccinations.
  10. Not too much sunbathing please: it destroys your skin. If you really must lie out in the sun, 50-factor protection is obligatory.


  1. Honour your parents. Respect them, accept them for who they are and for everything they have given you. A lot of what they do is for your benefit, even if it doesn’t always come across that way! 
  2. If you have siblings, nurture your relationship with them. Once your parents have passed, they will be the ones supporting you.
  3. Cultivate independence. Plan your own time and your own ventures without asking for unnecessary help: you don’t want to be considered a parasite! People will be drawn to help you naturally if you do not ask them for support continuously. You will also feel stronger and empowered: it is very little you can’t do on your own.
  4. Surround yourself with positive friends who can offer good advice if you need: people you admire, maybe wiser and more experienced than you. Stay away from negative people and avoid anyone who pulls you down and gives off bad energy: they should be out of your life!
  5. Help others as much as you can with your own means and effort. You will be rewarded. I am a strong believer in karma: what goes around will come back. Everything you do comes back to you, whether it’s good or bad.
  6. Be discrete and keep your business private. You do not have to air your dirty laundry in public! This is solid advice for all aspects of your social life.
  7. Don’t gossip behind people’s backs: a golden rule if you want to be trusted.
  8. In romantic relationships, curb jealousy or pressure on your partner. This is a no-no. Let them feel free and they will appreciate you all the more. If they are going to cheat, your controlling won’t prevent that, in fact it might even encourage it!
  9. Be honest and sincere in your opinion even if it isn’t what people want to hear. In the long term, they will appreciate you.
  10. Thank everyone who helps you and treat everyone with respect.


  1. Shop only during sales. Subscribe to your favourite brands and you will get notified for any promotion and sales.
  2. Shop smarter and buy less. Quality over everything!
  3. Resell items you no longer love. There are excellent second-hand designer shops around, particularly in Hampstead Village and Notting Hill.
  4. Dare to be different. Find your style and personalise it. I like to mix up things to create an edgy-chic look!
  5. Wear only what makes you feel good and empowered. You do not have to stress for others but only for yourself. Remember that!
  6. Add an edgy touch to every outfit: bag, shoes, belt, scarf– anything! We suggest to visit MiuMiu, Balenciaga or Chanel store and find your wonderful statement piece.
  7. Wear a good shiny lip balm – ByTerry Paris is highly recommended.
  8. Play with accessories as much as you can. You can bring up a simple black dress with a precious Jimmy Choo bag or Le Silla Swarovski shoes
  9. Check out the fun and sophisticated jewellery at Annoushka… My fav brand!
  10. Train in style with  Sweaty Betty
Annoushka Jewellery
@Annoushka Jewellery: Creative fine jewellery for inspirational women

I will recommend you my fav brands in the next blog so stay tuned and follow me on Instagram and @steffybfashion

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