SteffyB presents The Brilliant Breakfast: Together we Stand Stronger

The Brilliant Breakfast

On Sunday October 18th, SteffyB is hosting a virtual breakfast to empower and inspire women across the country to support vulnerable women in the UK. Part of an annual fundraising initiative by Annoushka Ducas, Patron of  The Prince’s Trust and founder of exclusive luxury jewellery line Annoushka, the event aims to raise money for the young women in the UK who have suffered so disproportionately through the Covid–19 pandemic, helping pave their way to a more positive future as part of the Women Supporting Women network by The Prince’s Trust.

The well-known UK charity supports young people in developing the practical skills and emotional tools they need to stabilise their lives and move into work, training or education; Women Supporting Women is dedicated to bettering the lives of women and girls across the country. The Brilliant Breakfast was created to virtually gather women from all over the country for a special breakfast, inspiring them to raise money in aid of Women Supporting Women programmes to help and support the disadvantaged young women in the UK who have been affected by the pandemic and its economic impact.

Women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic: a study by PWC found that 80% of those who have lost their jobs since the crisis began are women, and that two thirds of these are aged 18-34. Women are also one third more likely than men to work in a sector that is now shut down, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Women play a unique role in society and in the economy, and recognition of this fact is limited while gender stereotypes and stigmatisation persist. During the breakfast events, we will reflect on women’s roles and the challenges posed by COVID-19 but also focus on the changes we could foster to create a better future for women and girls.

The Breakfast will be hosted by Stefania Barbaglio: fashionista, technology entrepreneur, PR Guru, and Founder and Director of both Cassiopeia Services and fashion innovation platform SteffyB. Stefania will be joined by a group of women from different backgrounds who will share their professional struggles and successes, as well as considering the actions we can take to help one another.

This is not a panel discussion or an event with leading speeches. It is Yours, Our Brilliant Breakfast.

SteffyB, Brilliant Breakfast

“I wanted this special Breakfast to be open to any woman who wants to share her stories of struggle and success. We all go through hard times but, phoenix-like, we can always rise back up.

We must keep our positive attitudes, reminding ourselves that we can do this, we just have to fight our way through.

At times, this is hard, so it’s more important than ever to feel inspired and know that we are not alone. We’ve all got there before and we all will rise again.”


Some of the inspiring women attending the Breakfast are:

  • Kat van Duin – International Fashion Designer
  • Sonia Bhasin – Global Head of Legal at MUFG Investor Services
  • Pryia Patel – Senior Associate Solicitor Advocate at Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP
  • Shyla Dhillon – Director of Operations at Nimaya Mindstation
  • Yulia Tapygina – Fashion Blogger
  • And, of course, you!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us on Sunday! Register here

Remember, if you can donate something to our cause, please do so via our Justgiving page


£5: could pay for a reading module towards an English qualification for 1 young woman

£10: could teach 1 young woman how to manage her money with a day-long budgeting session

£25: could help an isolated young woman travel to a two-week course that will help her gain work experience

£50: could ensure 1 young woman can travel to work in the month before her first paycheque

£100: could buy the equipment that opens up a lifelong career for a young woman on the margins of society – e.g. as a chef, hairdresser or nail technician

£250: could provide 1 young woman with the freedom to explore her business idea through a ‘Will it Work’ grant

£500: could unlock 1 young woman’s confidence on a 12-week personal development course which builds practical and emotional skills to take that next step into work, education or training

£1,000: could give 5 young women struggling to make ends meet during COVID-19 the laptops they need to further their education

£5,000: could re-build the confidence and inspire 7 young women from the margins of society on a life-changing residential week

£10,000: could give 100 young women the equipment that opens up a lifelong career to help support themselves and their families

“Bringing Women together to share experiences and to speak out about issues and life stories is immensely powerful. There is no more important time than now to recognise that women - and especially young women - have had a tough deal through the pandemic. As women we should be standing up for those who have suffered and supporting organisations doing the work on the ground.”

Annouska Ducas, Patron of Prince's Trust.


JOIN the movement and share your involvement on social media with #TheBrilliantBreakfast  #ChangeAGirlsLife  #WomenSupportingWomen

Register on our Eventbrite page and we will send you the Zoom link to connect

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