SteffyB: Presents ‘Get Empowered’ series of events in London

SteffyB., the brand-new forward-thinking hub for fashionistas and innovators in the luxury and lifestyle space, is launching its inaugural event “Get Empowered” during London Fashion Week in February.

Successful is about achieving the goals that matter to you, finding the strength to withstand pressures from the outside world and staying true to your principles. During this exclusive evening, three entrepreneurs will be sharing their secrets to chasing and conquering your dreams. If you are looking for an injection of inspiration, this is the place to be!

Get Empowered: The Secrets of Inspirational Women” will be gathering women and fashion lovers on February 16th in central London.

As a special treat for fashionistas, the event will also welcome fashion designers Nico Didonna and Kapriva Couture to share their views on the rise of female empowerment in fashion and how this is redefining the industry.

Women’s empowerment is becoming more and more relevant in our daily lives: a global social movement built on recognition of the key roles women play in economic development and sustainable growth.

Empowerment is about challenging the status quo, redefining the women’s position in society and seeing beyond gender stereotypes. In other words, becoming the master of your own life.

I am a woman on a mission to...

While some of the barriers that have traditionally prevented women from fulfilling their potential still exist and must continue to be questioned,  these challenges are more often than not overcome with the help of one another. It is in this spirit of collaboration and kinship that Steffy B. launches her brand and invites you to connect with women to create a network of advice and support.

Women feel empowered when they enjoy access to education, support and training, thus feelin equipped to pursue their goals. Wellbeing and lifestyle choices are at the core of the empowerment philosophy.

More about Steffy B

Stefania Barbaglio

Stefania Barbaglio: Entrepreneur, Financial Guru, Fashionista

Known for her entrepreneurial spirit and boundless creativity, as well as her keen eye for opportunity, Stefania is an international businesswoman: Italian by origin and British by adoption. She founded the award-winning PR-IR agency Cassiopeia Services after over 10 years working in PR and journalism.

Stefania is a recognised disruptor, having advised a range of blockchain application-focused companies on their ground-breaking crypto projects. Stefania’s expertise lies in consulting with companies on their communications strategies and encouraging corporate missions to embrace innovation and forward-thinking strategy.

Building on her media experience and solid City connections, Stefania also started the multimedia channel FinancialFox, a fast-growing platform for investors, innovators and technology enthusiasts to watch and share industry news.

Also, fashion is her passion. SteffyB hunts down unique branded pieces, luxury couture and unknown independent talents, always keeping an eye out for new designers during her extensive travels. SteffyB has established close relationships with selected international brands and boutiques and is considered a fashion innovator and influencer. She always bucks the trends, hates fake fashion and campaigns against counterfeits.

Liz Olver: Annoushka Creative Director

Throughout their long partnership, which began at Links of London, Liz has worked alongside Annoushka designing and developing distinctive jewellery collections.

She is a graduate of both the Royal College of Art and Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Art and Design.

Liz is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, a regular speaker at the Royal College of Art, and External Examiner for MA Luxury Jewellery Management and BA (Hons) International Jewellery Business at Birmingham City University.

Annoushka’s jewellery pieces reflect the belief in the uniqueness and singularity of each woman, who increasingly make use of fashion and accessories to make statements about their identity.

Jess Schuring

Jess Schuring: Heartcore Founder & CEO

With over 30 years’ experience in wellness, hospitality and design, Jess continues to elevate and influence industry standards with Heartcore at the forefront of the boutique fitness revolution.

Heartcore is a boutique fitness hub committed to empowering others through transformational soul-to-soul experiences, currently standing strong with 10 central London locations.

Jess is inspired by her travels, through which she draws insights and ideas around the energetics of connection, the true meaning of wellness, and the phenomenal power we hold within ourselves.  Her philosophy is embodied in Heartcore: the classes are carefully designed to strengthen your core and to fire up your heart, allowing you to feel physically and emotionally transformed from within. Jess’ team is here to welcome you, challenge you,  inspire your greatness, and help you unlock the strength to move mountains.

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