My Favourite Boots

In this week’s edition, I am talking about ANKLE BOOTS: a boot for all seasons and really versatile with any outfit. They are perfect for London weather.

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One Dress

Words worth embroidering. SteffyB meets designer Lucy Tammam.

For Lucy Tammam, sewing is not only part of her heritage, it’s a mission towards ethical and sustainable fashion. As a CSM alumna, Ms Tammam shares the idea behind her latest project “One Dress” and why sustainability is the biggest ̶ but also the most innovative ̶ challenge among emerging fashion designers.

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Women’s empowerment: Social change through the fashion industry

The sustainable fashion movement is taking hold. Several brands around the world are committing to improving their practices and raising their standards as a response to calls to create a fashion industry that cares about its impact on society and the environment. But sustainability is not only about ecological integrity – it is also about change and social justice.

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Sustainable Fashion

Innovation and Sustainability: the newest fashion trends

Innovation is currently challenging the status quo of many industries around the world, and fashion is certainly not immune to these shake-ups. In recent times, we have witnessed increasing efforts by fashion and luxury brands to up their game to satisfy a more demanding and eco-conscious consumer base.

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