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Stefania Barbaglio

Stefania Barbaglio

CEO & Founder

Known for her entrepreneurial spirit and boundless creativity, as well as her keen eye for opportunities, Stefania is an international businesswoman, Italian by origin and British by adoption. She founded the award-winning PR-IR agency Cassiopeia Services after over 10 years working in PR and Journalism.

Stefania is a recognised disrupter, having helped a range of blockchain application-focused companies with their ground-breaking crypto projects. A keynote speaker on new technology disruption, alternative investment, sustainable fashion, social empowerment and marketing strategies, she also presents her own TV show Financial Fox and hosts regular symposia and events.

Fashion is her passion. SteffyB hunts down unique branded pieces: luxury fashion and unknown independent talents. She keeps an eye out for new designers during her extensive travels. SteffyB has established close relationships with selected international brands and boutiques and, is considered a fashion innovator and influencer. She leads luxury brand business development at Input/Output Global, the crypto and blockchain leader that maintains the Cardano blockchain. Steffy always bucks the trends, hates fake fashion and campaigns against counterfeits. She also advises fashion brands on how to unlock these innovative opportunities and implement a fairer fashion ecosystem.

SteffyB believes that blockchain can positively disrupt the fashion industry, by offering protection to brands and promote transparency across the product supply chain.

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